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This high capacity van has been thought through to make it as versatile as possible 

So if you've got boxes of equipment to move this is ideal

if you need to move rows of costumes this van comes with the rails inside

if you need to keep your costumes makeup warm and dry on a damp morning this van comes with heating on board

racking can quickly be added in at matter of minutes if you need storage and hanging rails

with plenty of power sockets this could easily be converted into a mobile production van

its even got emission free power system or for heavier power requirements it also comes with its own generator and of course as with all our vehicles there are no extra charges to enter London or caz zones

there's even a set of ramps with the vehicle if you need to wheel something a bit bulky in and obviously plenty of tie down straps aswell

We think this is the most useful 3.5 ton high cube low loader van out there, why not try it 

we have added this work station to the equipment van so you can work on your laptop, make adjustment to clothing or carry out repairs

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