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4 cubicle drivable honey wagon.jpeg
Drivable honey wagon is ulez compliant.WEBP


This is our new drivable honey wagon with 4 private cubicles, 2 ladies/children,and 2 gents.

It comes to you fully stocked and ready to go.

This honey wagon has warm water hand wash, blown air heating,LED lighting and powerful hand dryers in each compartment.

So if you need a honey wagon and are limited for space or you have various moves during the day this is the honey wagon for you

Drivable Honey Wagon Rates
Drivable Honey Wagon Dimensions

Length: 6.7 metres

Width: 2.1 metres

Height: 3.2 metres

  • £375 for 10 hours base to base (Mon-Sat)

  • £475 Sunday and bank holiday

  • +£150 nightshoot/early start charge (00:30-04:00)

  • £55 overtime

  • £1 per mile

  • £9 generator when required

  • LEZ/ULEZ no charge

Manoeuvring a honey wagon between sets during filming with minimal fuss and speed is essential, and this is possible with a self-drive drivable honey wagon.


Councils often grant parking permits for the duration of filming, and it is therefore essential that vehicle choice utilises this valuable space accordingly.


Trailer honey wagons require a tow vehicle to hook up to the tow bar for moving and positioning, and this requires an additional parking space on the tow bar side of the trailer.


Drivable honey wagons do not require a tow vehicle. Park, reposition, or relocate completely hassle free. 


The drivable honey wagon has two sections, one section with two cubicles and another with a stall and a urinal. Areas are private from one another.  


Drivable honey wagons are secure, provide privacy, running water, hand dryers, and LED lighting and are superior to basic portaloos when considering functionality, usability and hygiene.


Dickies Film & T.V. Location Vehicles, with over twenty years of experience proudly supporting the film and T.V. industry, was one of the first to offer drivable honey wagon vehicles and is the industry leader in catering for cast and crew sanitary requirements. 


Dickies Film & T.V. Location Vehicles come with toilet rolls, hand sanitiser, soap, dispensers, feminine hygiene bins and bin liners.


Not sure of your requirements? Dickies Film & T.V. Location Vehicles is the expert offering a selection of honey wagons to suit your needs. 


Call or email us today and speak to our friendly team for an immediate quotation.

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