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honey wagon is ulez compliant.WEBP


This great honey wagon trailer is perfect for street locations due to being slightly narrower than a standard honey wagon, with two ladies cubicles, one gents and one urinal.With warm air blown heating and warm water hand wash and a clever sink water recirculating system to cut down on water wastage.

  • 10 hours base to base £375 (Mon-Sat)

  • Sundays/Bank holidays +£150

  • Night shoot +£150 (01:00-04:00)

  • Overtime £55 per hour

  • Mileage £1 per mile

  • Generator £6 per hour

  • LEZ/ULEZ no charge

Honey Wagon Hire Rates



This is a latest toilet trailer with two ladies compartments,two gents compartments and two urinal positions. It has blown warm air heating, warm water hand wash and powerful hand dryers to cut out hand paper towel waste.This honey wagon also uses the sink water to flush the toilets to cut water wastage to a minimum



This is our largest honey wagon trailer with 3 ladies compartments, one gents compartment and 2 urinals.This toilet even has air conditioning!.This toilet is ideal for the longer job and it can cope with a larger crowd

Honey Wagons

A honey wagon trailer is a well-known and polite industry term that describes a portable toilet that can quickly be transferred from one location to another, ideal for remote areas, that securely and hygienically collects and stores human waste in a tank until emptied. A honey wagon can be a trailer towed by another vehicle or a drivable vehicle deployed for the convenience and comfort of its users to areas that do not otherwise provide sufficient sanitation. Honey wagons are the preferred industry standard for the film and television sectors. They are secure, provide privacy, hot and cold running water, heat, and light and are superior to basic portaloos when considering functionality, usability and hygiene. Honey wagon trailers are cost-effective and perfect when location changes are few or space is limited. The narrow design allows on-street parking not to impede traffic whilst filming in busy locations. Manoeuvre a honey wagon between sets during filming with minimal fuss and where speed is essential, and this is possible with a drivable honey wagon.  Dickies Film & T.V. Location Vehicles, with over twenty years of experience proudly supporting the film and T.V. industry, was one of the first to offer drivable honey wagon vehicles and is the industry leader in catering for cast and crew sanitary requirements.  Dickies Film & T.V. Location Vehicles come with toilet rolls, hand sanitiser, soap dispensers, feminine hygiene products, bins and bin liners. Not sure of your requirements? Dickies Film & T.V. Location Vehicles is the expert offering a selection of honey wagons to suit your needs.  Call or email us today and speak to our friendly team for an immediate quotation.

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