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Dickies Film & T.V. Location Vehicles specialise in providing customised vehicles widely used by the film and television industry, where dining, sanitation, hair and beauty services are typically unavailable.
Customised location vehicles, when positioned strategically, can assist cast and crew members throughout filming and production events. See individual product pages for complete vehicle descriptions.
There is an extensive range of vehicles, from fixed-base honey wagons to drivable honey wagons, make-up trucks and dining buses. Dickies Location Facilities has it completely covered.
Speak to our friendly team for further information regarding essentials and what's needed to make the event a success.
Dickies Location Facilities with over 25 years of experience in the industry understands the exact requirement for a triumphant film or broadcasting event.
Sit back, relax and let Dickies Location Facilities work for you.
Thank you for visiting our website, and we look forward to speaking with you soon

TERMS & CONDITIONS Our vehicles are hired out on a minimum of 10 hours base to base.This is the time the vehicle leaves our yard in Oakley Green until the time it returns,is cleaned and all repreparation work has been carried out. We do not carry passengers in our vehicles and do not carry goods .Any items carried are as a personal favour and not a business agreement Any items left or carried on our vehicles is completely at the owners own risk. Security must be present from start to finish of the hire,failure to have this in place will result in the production/hirer company being responsible for any loss or damage to DLF's property charged as for new .All bookings are taken on a pencil basis and must be confirmed by email 48 hours before the shoot. due to a national shortage of drivers a pencil does not garantee driver availability. A confirmed booking and then released will result in a basic charge of 10 hours for the vehicle per day. If a vehicle is hired on a dry hire basis (without a DLF standby person)the hirer will be responsible for the relevent liability insurances and any losses to DLF equipment,it will be returned in a clean condition. Our vehicles are only insured to be driven by our drivers,we do not operate a selfdrive service. We do not allow smoking Ecigerettes or illegal drugs on our vehicles it must be understood that attaching signs,leaning items against the side of a vehicle and causing damage to bodywork may result in charges being passed on. the use of sub contrcted vehicles,road tolls,congestion and ulez charges and administration fees will be passed on at cost. We reserve the right to remove without notice a vehicle/trailer in the case of misuse or non payment as agreed. DLF will not be held responsibe for traffic issues,weather conditions,unforseen mechanical or health issues which could result in the late arrival of a vehicle. All invoices are subject to vat at the current rate and are to be paid within 30 days(unless pre agreed terms have been aranged) charges of 3%above the uk base rate may be charged after this. We work hard behind the scenes to be a green company and are happy to help with your shoot requirements

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